Peer Reviewed Books

Fortier, Craig (2017). Unsettling the Commons: Social Movements Within, Against, and Beyond Settler Colonialism. Winnipeg: ARP.

Peer Reviewed Academic Journals

Fortier, Craig (2016). Stealing Home: decolonizing baseball’s origin stories and their relations to settler colonialism , Settler Colonial Studies, 6(1): 1-22.

Fortier, Craig (2017). Unsettling Methods/Decolonizing Movements. Journal of Indigenous Social Development 6(1): 43-59.

Fortier, Craig and Edward Hon Sing Wong (2019). The Settler Colonialism of Social Work and the Social Work of Settler Colonialism. Settler Colonial Studies, 9(4): 437-456.

Fortier, Craig and Colin Hastings (2019). A Field of Dreamers on Stolen Land: Practices of Unsettling on the Recreational Softball Diamonds of Tkaronto. Journal of Sport History 46(2): 302-317.

Fortier, Craig (2021). The Humber is a Haunting: Settler Deathscapes, Indigenous Spectres, and the Memorialisation of a Canadian Heritage River. Antipode, 4 AUG 2021. DOI:

Book Chapters

Wood, Lesley and Craig Fortier (2016). Consent, coercion and the criminalization of dissent in Carroll, William K. and Kanchan Sarkar (Eds) A World To Win: Contemporary Social Movements & Counter-Hegemony. Winnipeg: ARP.

Fortier, Craig (2013). Decolonizing Borders: No One Is Illegal movements in Canada and the negotiation
of counter-national and anti-colonial struggles from within the nation-state. In Landolt, Patrica and Luin Goldring (Eds) Producing and Negotiating Non-Citizenship: Precarious Legal Status in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Read Ethel Tungohan’s, Department of Political Science, University of Toronto, review of the book and Craig’s chapter.

Other Writing

Fortier, Craig (2019). Assigning students research on social movements and marginalized groups. The FAUW Blog. Published on July 2, 2019. Click Here.

Fortier, Craig (2016). Anti-Racist Struggles in Baseball: An Open Letter to Adam Jones. Abolition Journal Blog. Published on October 6, 2016. Click Here.

Fortier, Craig (2015). No One Is Illegal, Canada is Illegal!: the decolonial transformation of political slogans against settler colonialism and border imperialism in the migrant justice movement. Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education & Society Blog. Special series on immigration and decolonization. Published September 21, 2015. Click Here.

Community Research Reports

Abebe, Alpha & Craig Fortier (2008). “Rooted in Action: A Youth-Led Report on Our Demands and Plans to Address the Root Causes of Violence in Our Communities,” Ministry of Children and Youth Services.

Fortier, Craig (2006). “From the Roots Up! A Report-Back from the Youth-Led Forum on Building Safe and Healthy Communities,” Justice Canada.