I strongly believe in developing a learning environment that is centered around mutual accountability between teacher and students, community engagement, iterative and guided learning, real-world case studies, flexibility and accessibility. Drawing on experiences and teachings working within feminist and anti-authoritarian social movements and in relationship to Indigenous sovereignty struggles, I believe that the worlds we wish to bring about should be borne out in all aspects of our lives – and for me this includes the process of teaching. I emphasize intersectionality, mutual aid, collaboration, and learning from mistakes and failures as foundational to the in-class educational process and seek to tailor these ways of knowing to small seminars, introductory classes, student supervision and large lecture style courses alike.

Popular Culture//Radical Imagination – An Undergraduate Journal

In the Winter of 2019 we embarked on an experiment in our classroom for SDS 441R: Popular Culture in the Radical Imagination.  How do we use the tools and skills developed in academia to produce projects that both highlighted the intersections between popular culture and radical struggles for social justice and spoke to a variety of audiences.  In this sense one goal of the course was to produce a singular project from start to finish where students would receive guidance from a variety of sources (i.e professor, TAs, peers, community members, activists) and would work to develop skills to evaluate and peer edit each other’s work….Read More

Download, W2019, Volume 1(1)

Course Syllabi

Renison University College (University of Waterloo)

ARTS 140 – Information and Analysis – (PDF)

SOCWK 120R – Introduction to Social Work – (PDF)

SDS 331R – Social Inequality, Social Justice, and Public Policy – (PDF)

SDS 441R – Popular Culture in the Radical Imagination – (PDF)

York University

SOCI 2040 – Sociological Theory – (PDF)

SOCI 4220 – Social Movements: Theory & Practice – (PDF)